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The history of ostrich feathers is both romantic and thrilling. From a symbol of justice in ancient Egypt to exquisite creations by fashion designers, ostrich feathers have always fascinated people.

We now operate a minimum order policy of US$100 for the total value of the feathers.

Product: Ostrich Drabs (small ostrich feathers) (25)
Length 9" to 13"(22cm to 33cm) approx.
Width 6.3" (16cm) approx.
No. feathers per lot 25
Retail Price US$12
Alani Internet Price: US$10
Product: Feminas (female ostrich wing feathers) (10)
Length 23.6" (60cm) approx.
Width 11.8" (30cm) approx.
No. feathers per lot 10
Retail Price US$35
Alani Internet Price: US$27
Product: 2 ply ostrich combined with 2 ply marabou
Retail Price US$40
Alani Internet Price: US$32